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From Botox & fillers to liposuction, body sculpting and neck/face lifts. We offer both surgical & non-surgical procedures to help you achieve your desired look. We work to establish an honest and friendly relationship with our patients, listening to their wishes while providing honest feedback. We will provide you with options on the best path to achieve your desired results and then be there through every step in the process. Check out our 5 STAR Google rating.

Every body is beautiful, but if you want to look the way you feel, don’t hold back. Contact us for a CONSULTATION* and get the answers you need. 

*We charge $100 consultation fee for your first visit that will be applied against your surgery fee.

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We believe that facial surgical procedures must look natural, and that’s why we give you the best advice on what procedure you should get in order to have the results you expect.



At Cosmetica, we have dedicated years of learning from different professionals around the world the best ways to improve the contour and gorgeous appearance of every body type.



Are you interested in having breast surgery but are confused about what type or size of implant is best for your body? Let our team of professionals answer all your questions and guide you through the process.



Do you want to prevent unwanted wrinkles, recover your hair loss, or boost your immune system? Minimally invasive procedures were developed to allow each patient to age gracefully without having surgery.



Are you looking to boost your skin care or have killer eyebrows? Cosmetica Plastic Surgery is also a MedSpa dedicated to bringing you the highest and the most advanced selection of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.



Because there is nothing more sexy than a man that takes care of himself and is constantly trying to improve his game. From hair transplant to liposuction or Botox, we encourage men to embrace looking just as they feel inside.

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How can you avoid the common risks of plastic surgery?

How can you avoid the common risks of plastic surgery? Medicine is a constantly evolving science and all advances in technology used to monitor patients during surgery, in the safety of anesthetic drugs and in the effectiveness of the surgical techniques currently used, have led to surgery currently proving to be quite safe.

Considering Plastic Surgery and wondering if it's right for you?

Considering plastic surgery? Is it right for you?

Over the past two centuries, there has been steady progress in all areas of medicine. The area of plastic and reconstructive surgery has not been the exception to this and this specialty has been one of those that have had greater impact due to the development of more and better techniques throughout this time.


If you are wondering about getting plastic surgery and have tons of questions, your in the right place.

How much a plastic surgery cost?
It depends mostly on the State and Area and the surgery that you get, it’s not the same to get a mini facelift, as to get a mommy makeover. Here in Florida, it can go from $1,200 USD to $20,000 USD on average.
What can I expect at a consultation?

At the time of your consultation, you will get to know one of our medical experts and staff as we get to know you, so we become comfortable working together.

You will learn what a cosmetic procedure can do for you and our providers will formulate the best plan to achieve your goals.

How long does plastic surgery last?

While a plastic surgery can provide long-lasting results, they are not necessarily going to be with you forever. Of course, there are factors that can contribute to prolonging the effects.

Is plastic surgery tax deductible?

The IRS says you can deduct the cost of plastic surgery if it is necessary to improve or correct a deformity resulting from a congenital abnormality, an injury incurred in an accident, trauma, or a disfiguring disease.